Taylors Real Estate, now a second generation family business, have conducted property management in their business for more than 50 years.

Consequently the Taylors have vast experience in such matters as selecting tenants, assessing rental values and controlling systematic property inspections, thus ensuring that any necessary maintenance is carried out to eliminate the deterioration of the property.

With Property Management it is essential to be very specific in dealing with tenants. Taylors Real Estate leaves them in no doubt when advising them of their responsibilities, but at the same time treating them firmly and fairly, as without tenants you, the property owner, receive no income.

Property Management is one profession in which you cannot beat experience. Larger agencies generally have a high turnover of staff. This means that many different property managers could be looking after your property during a short period of time. It takes time to understand each property’s potential. With Taylors Real Estate you have the comfort of knowing that our family will always be in control of your property and when you wish to discuss any aspect of your property you can more than likely speak to the same person you originally spoke to when you engaged our services.

Together we can assure you of professional, expert and thorough management of your property, whether it is you family home or a residential investment property.

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